Sanya Bojovic, a photojournalist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, provides a wide range of professional photography services, from corporate portraits, advertising and events, to  family portraits, fashion and real estate.


After more t​han 5 years working as a war photographer in former Yugoslavia and more than 15 years in photo journalism, Sanya has an extensive body of work and she is happy to present it to you.



Experienced photography teacher who will help you to:

  •  encourage you to take better photos
  •  stop using your camera in Automatic mode
  •  understand why your pictures didn’t turn out the way you planned
  •  learn magic of photography and how cameras work
  • add and use another lens on your camera



  • Portraiture
  • Fashion Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Distillery District Workshop
  • Kensington Market Workshop
  • Harbourfront Workshop
  • St Lawrence Market Workshop
  • Zoo Workshop
  • Food Photography


Every workshop can help you understand the relationship between the light, contrast, colors, people, situation and the quality of photographs that you produce.

If you’re tired of taking ordinary photos on your vacations while you are exploring other countries, these courses can help you recognize what style of photography is uniquely yours and encourage you to develop it.

Classes also includes an introduction as to what aperture, ISO, and shutter speed are and how to manipulate them according to the different situation.